Here are some of our favorites, if you don't see yours contact us and request it!

All orders are custom orders made at the time of service and special requests are welcomed!

Choose a custom cake or a Package

Custom cakes range in price from 4.00- 8.00 person , depending on labor, decor, and covering choices. Consultations are complimentary.

Package cakes include a grooms cake and vary in price according to size; Package 1=350.00 serves 100p

                                                                                                               Package 2=525.00 serves 150p

                                                                                                               Package 3= 700.00 serves 200p

Packages are limited to buttercream, with your choice of Red velvet, Vanilla, Chocolate, or Almond cake.

Customization is available for nominal additional charge. Samples available by request.

Vanilla- chiffon textured, vanilla scented, whole egg sponge cake used as a base for many of our most popular flavors.


Roasted white chocolate- baking the chocolate brings out the buttery/nutty flavors of the chocolate. Beautiful with a fresh fruit puree and buttercream

Chocolate chip- shaved chocolate "chips" added to our signature genoise cake.

Coconut X3- butter cake infused with coconut milk and shaved coconut filled with coconut buttercream.

Almond- Classic European wedding cake, almond flavored genoise

Perfectly Chocolate- All American favorite, dark chocolate , moist, and flavorful classic.

Red Velvet- One of our best sellers, served with cream cheese 7 minute filling.

Lemon poppy seed- Lemon zest and curd filled with Swiss meringue buttercream

Rose' All Day!- Rose water and sparkling wine flavored cake served filled with Swiss meringue buttercream

Apricot- our signature genoise filled with apricot buttercream, light , floral, the epitome of spring when served with fresh  berries.

Triple berries- genoise filled with seasonal fresh berries folded into vanilla buttercream

Carmel- salted carmel buttercream with your choice of chocolate or vanilla cake.

Tiramisu- sponge soaked in sweetened coffee served layered with shaved chocolate, mascarpone and buttercream.

Chocolate truffle- ganache flavored in your choice of liquors or flavors, served layered between perfectly chocolate cake.

Hazelnut chocolate- just a cousin to the perfectly chocolate and chocolate truffle using the addictive spread we've all come to love.

Orange cream- summertime ice cream truck flavored favorite, orange cream filled genoise

Passionfriut- tropical and light, perfect combination of citrus and mango flavored curd layered with our signature buttercream and cake

Lime Meringue- zesty and fresh lime curd and buttercream layered with genoise, graham crumbs add just the right touch

Garden carrot- layers of carrot and zucchini cake slathered with cream cheese icing, what a way to get your 5 a day.

Pineapple upside middle- 2 layers of upside down cake insuring the carmelized pineapple layers stay in the middle, great with buttercream or cream cheese

Strawberry 3X- strawberry cake, strawberry buttercream, and fresh strawberries

Cherry cream cheese- your choice of chocolate or vanilla cake with cherry cream cheese filling


Limited to 10" These cakes tend to be delicate, served chilled, and  some unsuitable for carved sculptures or tiering

Dacquoise-  almond and hazelnut flour meringue filled with flavored buttercream , Gluten free

Marjolaine- dacquoise layered with whipped cream, coffee buttercream and chocolate buttercream

Cheesecakes- miriade of flavor combinations, pick your favorite or we can invent one for you

Tres leches- Horchata or traditional 3 milk, garnished with seasonal fruit

Boston Cream- pastry cream, chocolate ganache, sponge cake

Chocolate mousse- cognac soaked currants, walnut jaconde, dark chocolate mousse

Roulade- seasonal flavors from Jelly rolls and pumpkin rolls to Buche de Noel and Charlotte, too many to list. Your wish is our command!